SWRCA is a social non-political, non-profitable organization created in 1994 to respond current needs for Afghanistan’s people in order to sustained and strengthen and promote human right culture, peace building, good governance initiatives and tackle humanitarian crisis in south west of the Afghanistan.

SWRCA is managed by independent non-partisan indigenous professionals whom have been experiencing practically & technically on various fields of capacity buildings of humanitarian sectors and community development projects as they have had special trainings to the sectors of humanitarian interventions, Human rights, child protection and capacity building programs.

SWRCA started it is activity under the name of South West Reconstruction Consul For Afghanistan in 1994 and registered and got membership of UNOCHA United Nations. SWRCA has officially started its humanitarians’ activities in South west provinces in 1996 as well as became a member of SWABAC. It farther in the era of Taliban

received an official registration number at the Ministry of planning as NGO numberU 391U. When the Taliban government got out of Afghanistan, the board of NGO with coordination and consultation of the Ministry of Economic decided to change its name from South West Reconstruction Council for Afghanistan (SWRCA) to Services Women Relive Center for Afghanistan (SWRCA) and registered as NGO number U603U in the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan in 2005.

Badghis Social Journalists Association was un-officially established on 2007 with collaboration of few journalists in Badghis province mostly focusing to the following purposes:

  • Providing professional journalism trainings & services,
  • Upgrading provincial journalist’s knowledge level from basic to professional,
  • Better coordination among provincial journalists,
  • Advocating from journalists rights and activities,
  • For establishing a reliable connection between this center and other Journalists institutions outside of the province, and in collaboration with them, for providing opportunities in preparing exposures visits for Badghis Journalists and their capacity building.

These activities have been running normally up to 2010 while BSJA got its first grant from ASGP in a project named Modern Journalism Methods for 20 female students and got its license from Justice

Ministry of Afghanistan and became an authorized association. Since then, BSJA continued its activities and has re-new its license on annual basis.

The Jameghor Charity Organization (JCO) was found in 7. Of February 2011, in Kabul capital of Afghanistan. That time the organization was called “Sultan Shuhabudin Ghory Social and Cultural NGO”. Several social and cultural activists stand behind the creation of this humanitarian NGO. The organization started its activities in the western provinces such as Ghor, Badghis, Farah, Nimrooz and Herat provinces with having main base and office in Kabul and Ghor province, and sub-office in Badghis, Farah and Nimrooz provinces which are neighbor provinces of Ghor province. Due to the new law in Afghanistan, which is passed by the Afghan parliament, the NGO’s are not allowed to be called after the name of the legends or a person, since our partner organization was called Sultan Shuhabudin Ghory Social and Cultural NGO, since SultanShuhabudin is a historical name and legend, that is why the organization changed the name to Jameghor Charity Organization (JCO). The organization was, in first place registered to the Justice ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2011, and got legal status in Afghanistan.

After re-naming to Jameghor Charity Organization and reconstruction of the organization with new leadership team, new boards of directors and new advisory board, the organization re-registered to the Economy Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 08.06.2014, after the new law, which all NGO’s should be registered in one place in Economy Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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